Michael O. Schmutzer NEW WORK SPACES • NEW WORK

“We need to create spaces for innovation.”

Michael O. Schmutzer is a New Work pioneer. For more than 25 years, he has developed real estate projects. In 2008, he founded his coworking company Design Offices in Nuremberg and was supported and advised by dan pearlman. By now, there are 25 Design Offices locations in Germany and the New Work pioneer is going to expand in the DACH region soon. As one of the leading providers of serviced offices in Germany, Design Offices offers space for focused work and creative exchange. Michael O. Schmutzer speaks about “modern work landscapes” where one can find everything that is needed for daily work. This includes flexible workspaces, multifunctional meeting rooms suitable for agile workshop formats, scrum or bar camps and also event areas for relaxed networking. This special mix is created by the perfect combination of a professional business environment with all-round services and a startup atmosphere. The motto of Design Offices is, don’t “just” offer a workspace but a place for innovation. Design Offices clearly understands itself as enabler for New Work, agile work and innovation. Michael O. Schmutzer hits the mark with his concept. All recent studies assume that the coworking market will increasingly develop and that there will be about one million coworkers in Germany by the end of 2018. Get out of your own office space, be inspired by new impulses and meet other people. It’s no question that one sometimes simply has to leave well-trodden paths. In this sense, Design Offices is also an option for all companies that want to send their employees to coworking – as workshop group for one day or as project team for six months – to approach New Work in a practical way. dan pearlman conceptualized the first generation of the innovative Design Offices workspaces and designed the well-orchestrated furniture.