How can we create and preserve lively and livable cities?
The Round Table of the federal ministry for economy and energy on the 20 October focused on that question. Federal minister Peter Altmaier invited selected experts of the trade, logistics and culture sectors to a virtual exchange of ideas to discuss how cities can be kept attractive in the future. Within the framework of the Round Table, the goal is to specifically develop and launch pilot projects. Our expert Nicole Srock.Stanley was invited to share her expertise on the topic “Revitalization of Shopping Spaces”. The virtual Round Table in October was the kick-off for a series of events and workshops.
A compilation of the videos and testimonials is available on the social media channels (Twitter LinkedIn Facebook) und on website of the federal ministry.

During the press conference, Peter Altmaier explains the goals behind the initiative: “For me it is very important to reach a trend reversal, make our cities more attractive, give our local retailers courage, and give our citizens a signal, that our cities will stay lively places with experience character.” Apart from the economic aspects, he emphasized the importance of cities as a part of our cultural identity. Here you can watch the press conference.
Our expert Nicole Srock.Stanley praised the Round Table’s initiative: “The virtual Round Table of the federal ministry for economy and energy Preventing the dying of shops – reviving cities is a very good initiative and it is equally necessary. The rescue of our cities is an incredibly complex task. It can only be taken on in collaboration with communes, organizations, retail, agencies and politics. In order for this to be successful, we need a collaborative approach. Only that way, we can learn from each other fast, develop pilot projects efficiently and promote their implementation in cities in a powerful manner.

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Nicole Srock.STanley

…is an expert in the areas of retail, leisure industry and destination development. As the founder of the dan pearlman Group based in Berlin, she has created experience destinations for more than 20 years. Her expertise makes her a renowned consultant for retail brands, shopping centers, startups, medium-sized companies and international corporations.