PHILOSOPHY Leave well-trodden paths

Our world is changing faster than ever. Globalization and digitalization accelerate our lives. Demographic change and questions of new values set big challenges for our society.

A new time needs new answers. Future got to be designed. This is why we founded the DAN ACADEMY. Together with people that want to move something, we think the future ahead. We find solutions to the most important question of our time: How do we want to live and work in the future?

DAN ACADEMY is a progressive and innovative education platform. We foster creativity – systematical and systemically. We use unconventional formats like activating workshops and design sprints, exciting experience journeys and inspiring lectures. We overcome common thought patterns, break through established dogma, and leave well-trodden paths. We offer access to experts and expertise, networks and exchange, and to rooms and spaces. Creativity is the future.

At DAN ACADEMY, we work visionary and solution-oriented. We change perspectives and let participants speak. Everybody can address questions, contribute opinions, points of view, and share experiences. In this way, a sustainable learning experience is created that develops solutions across disciplines – for people and employees, companies, and society. Together, we are learning a new way of thinking.